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Image and video hosting by TinyPic 8/20 started my junior year of high school

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 8/28 it's marching band season! i may not be as active on fridays!



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aphprussia said: spamano is now a meme

what do you mean “it is now” it’s always been a meme

well here i thought we were all havin a good time with this 11 year old anon joke thing


I love Hetalia because it’s like

You got 20-something year olds as parents and former caretakers of other, slightly younger, 20-something year olds

Anonymous said: I normally don't rly care about the anon crap that goes around but wow you are so rude to that 11 year old anon. Like yeah, they're way underage but are you seriously just not going to bother being at least a LITTLE nice to that anon? maybe they did something that I don't know about since I really don't care enough to check through all your posts, but Christ, you were being an asshole, and I would think that you know something about being nice, considering how nice people are to you here.


Anonymous said: Why not? do you hate me? I really want to be on friendly terms with you -11 year old anon PS sorry if I was a bit of a drama queen in that last ask, it is late where I am and I am tired

bc it’s late and i can’t tell if ur being serious or not lmao


ned and romano being good friends gives me strength


imagine high school au tomato gang where romano gets so pissed because spain, the netherlands, and belgium all graduate before him like “yeAH THANKS GUYS LEAVE ME IN THIS HELL HOLE BY MYSELF GREAT.”


hello everyone that needs to do their hw

do your homework!! you can do it!! after you’ve finished you can blog all you want!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK FRIEND YOU CAN DO IT


when the teacher says u can work in pairs and u and ur friend are like



im spamano trash



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Anonymous said: On another note, I really like your URL. I also love your blog, so can we please resolve this conflict? -11 year old anon


Anonymous said: yes, that is the 11/10 year old anon. Call me what you want. Whatever. I am a hetalia fan, I went to my first convention today, and have a good life but everything on here is making me feel upset and-well, I'll just leave if you want -a very sad and confused 11 year old anon

i literally do not know what to say to you i

Anonymous said: What do you do when literally nothing is working right because I am crying from frustration

hi well first i know how you are feeling but i did not handle it in a good way at all. my advice to you is things i would have done differently and one thing is have lots of distractions. look up the names of every phobia in existence and write them all down in a notebook with they’re definitions. write down the lyrics to all your favorite songs. write about how frustrated you are just have a notebook and write in it all the time. the second is planning the short term future. if school or work or smth hasn’t started yet, make a goal to finish every homework or task no matter what. i did that and while i made a huge mistake already in the beginning of school, i’ve promised myself to not miss another thing. and then make a goal for the next thing and the next thing. i wish there was a secret to feeling better instantly but i’m so sorry there’s not. i don’t know what happened but i one day realized that if i plan my life it will most likely go my way and things will seem to work out more, however i still have times where I am frustrated as fuck with everything too. but i’m telling you from experience what’s really important is sticking it out and not giving up. you are the owner of your life and while you can’t change it right away you can sure work like hell to get there and if feels so awesome when you do

and i’d like to make clear that i’m of course not a professional therapist or anything this is advice i wish someone had told me when I was really in a bad place; if you continue feeling like this you should probably tell someone close to you about it so they can help you better